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Henryk Richter

Amiga Font Editor

Renovated variant of the old Commodore Font Editor

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Font Editor for AmigaOS 2.x/3.x

One piece of software I was missing in my Amiga times was a convenient Bitmap font editor. Commodore shipped one with the Kickstart 1.3 Extras disk but decided to discontinue that program with the introduction of Kickstart/Workbench 2.0. As I'd like to have some extra characters in the fonts I regularly use, as well as custom fonts for my own convenience, I looked into disassembling the abandoned Commodore FED sometime in the 90s.

One of the main gripes I had with the original FED was it's ugly font requester. So I decided to add ASL font requester support. In addition, I changed the color scheme and button drawing to a nice Kickstart 2.x look'n'feel. When I recently restored an A500 to working condition, I noticed FED no longer working (at least, not with Picasso96 active). After some debugging, I found out that the drawing code was disrespecting the register conventions.

The result of my overhaul can be found on this page. As this program was discontinued more than 25 years ago with the company no longer in existence, I assume the originating software to be effectively abandoned. I don't claim any copyright or ownership and provide this partially bugfixed version AS IS and free of charge.

Please be aware of one unfixed bug, though. The program occasionally garbles variable width fonts when saving, so always use the Save As option and rename the files afterwards. I presume that this bug strikes when the width of characters is reduced so that filled columns are no longer visible. Please make sure that there are no active pixels on the right border of the character when deciding to reduce the width.



Amiga Font Editor 2.02 as LHA archive


Amiga Font Editor 2.02 as ZIP archive