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Henryk Richter


Screenshots, Videos and an Intro running on the ST7735 LCD

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So here I am. Initially, I was just going to port my effect routines from the LPH8731 driver demo to this new display. Then new ideas popped into my mind and in the end I had more work on my hands trimming down the data into the 32k Flash than just the implementation itself.

For the tunnel effect for example, I packed the quarter screen angular and distance tables by run-length coding. That step saved more than 4kB of data, giving me the space to fit in my Ladder tribute. Ladder was one of the first games I played back in the 80's, specifically on a KC85/3 computer.


Functional Demo

The video below shows some tests of the basic functionality in all three bit depths. The last part of the video shows the performance that can be expected in software SPI mode on an ATtiny MCU.



Breadboard power-on-reset setup for ATtiny85 (Digispark clone)
Demo setup using ATmega328p (Arduino pro mini clone)