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Henryk Richter


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06. 08. 2009

HowTO: MacOSX+LDAP+SMB Home Folders

By:Henryk Richter This tutorial aims at helping out getting MacOS X machines to work with existing LDAP/SAMBA setups for Linux/Windows clients. In our institute, we already had a mixed environment of Linux and Windows clients, authenticated by a central LDAP server. Recently, we migrated the LDAP to the excellent GOSA² front-end, which not only simplifies administration but adds a number of convenience abilities for the individual users like changing passwords, adding personal information etc. To include the growing number of Apple machines in our institute, we wanted to authenticate these against the existing LDAP server, along with the mounting of user home directories via the SMB protocol. Most tutorials on this matter refer to NFS mounting. For security reasons, NFS (prior to version 4) is a debatable choice. Hence, AFP and SMB remain as candidate network protocols for MacOS clients. In order to avoid implementing an AFP (netatalk) server for a minor number of Apple hosts, we chose to use the same protocol used by the existing Linux and Windows clients. See Here