Eagleplayer is a shareware music player written by Jan Blumenthal and Henryk Richter for playing multiple music formats. It offers not only lot`s of features for your ear pleasure but also many visual effects and design ideas. It is built up modular, thus you only need to load the external support modules (players, engines) you really need.


YASA - the amazing scheduling analyzer for real-time operating systems. YASA is a framework to simulate and analyze real time scheduling applications on different platforms. You can define own tasksets, own schedulers and own synchronization protocols to describe your target environment.


Evola - Evolutionary Algorithms. Evola is a program to demonstrate an evolutionary algorithm.


MountSMBDrives is a bash shell script for Linux to mount all Samba drives (used in Windows networks neighborhoods [what a name!]) automatically which are shared from a remote host. Is is possible to start this script in init phase 2 so that all drives are mounted without any nervy inputs in shells. All needed directories are created. All drives are mounted as lowercase letters.
You may download MountSMBDrives here. MountSMBDrives is under GNU Public License (GPL).

Linux screenshot

Windows screenshot


All of my software packages are under the denoted licenses. Basically and essentially, the author is not responsible for any damages, e.g. hard- and software caused by running the software. You use the software on your own risk!
Copyright 2015 by Jan Blumenthal, University of Rostock