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On October the 11th 2005, Defect Softworks decided to make Eagleplayer source code available for free. Hence, Eagleplayer source code is now released under GPL.

From now on, Eagleplayer sources are managed at Sourceforge.net

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Eagleplayer is a freeware music player written by Jan Blumenthal and Henryk Richter for playing multiple music formats. It offers not only lot`s of features for your ear pleasure but also many visual effects and design ideas. It is built up modular. Thus, you only need to load the external support modules (players,engines) you really need.


system requirements

    minimal requirements
  • an Amiga with MC68020 CPU
  • OS2.04
  • 0.5 MB free Chipram, 1 MB free Fastram
  • around 2.5 MB harddisk space
    suggested system
  • MC68030/50 MHz or better MC68060
  • 16 MB Fastram
  • OS 3.0
  • Picasso96 or CybergrapX compliant graphics board


  • supports more than 150 music formats including most common sample formats (including CDDA, AIFF, WAV, Datatype, raw formats...)
  • completely hardware-independent replay system, redirecting the sound signal via custom 'amplifiers' to the audio hardware
  • supports toccata.library for Toccata, Melody and Prelude sound cards
  • extremely fast mixing routines
  • currently supports up to 64 custom programs, e.g. amplifiers,user-interfaces, analyzers, scopes, external depackers, listviews, managers etc.
    sound features
  • carefully and extensively adapted playroutines. nearly all of them support volume and balance, and most common players support the modular amplifier system
  • replays with 8, 14, and 16 bit resolution (depending on the hardware)
  • supports free scalable mono, stereo and surround replay
  • replay speed can be controlled easily, including pitch for several sound formats
  • music-fadein and fadeout
  • plays from fastram
  • supports all common system features, such as ARexx, commodity, appwindow, iconify, asynchronous online help, font-sensivity, pubscreens, hotkey...
  • supports xpk, xfd, powerpacker, imploder, crunchmania, lh.library and more formats for decrunching and any type of archive may be accessed like a directory
  • is highly system-compliant and uses heavy internal multitasking
  • external programs (players, amplifiers, engines) are loaded when needed and removed automatically
  • CyberGraphX/Picasso are directly supported by some scopes and user interfaces
  • configuration via configfile, tooltype and commandline arguments
  • allows timer.device, CIA and VBlank playspeed timing
  • does not interfere with modem use
  • easy and comfortable configuration that covers innumerous details - window-positions, player and engine settings, current module, each internal and external option will be saved globally with a single action
  • features different graphical user interfaces with custom boopsi gadgets in the default configuration, some windows accept custom background patterns, multicolour graphical user interfaces up to truecolor (see screenshots)
  • status information scroller
  • module info includes playtime calculation for soundformats like Protracker, Oktalyzer, SonicArranger, Jamcracker, DigiBooster and most sample formats
  • very comfortable handling: e.g. module selecting and directory changing directly using the pulldown-menu
  • random module selection directly at startup
  • offers a powerful module database, and loads modules lists from nearly all other music players - lists can be handled like normal subdirectories
  • features the fastest FFT spectrum analyzer ever optimized for 68040/68060 processors. it supports lots of stunning diplay modes.
  • doublebuffering-function for continuous replay of modules by immediate loading of the next module
  • the instruments of a soundmodule can directly be replayed and saved in various formats (RAW, IFF, AIFF, WAVE)
  • can save most protracker-clones in protracker format
  • supports module ripping, which can be either directed to an interface to ExoticRipper, or to an own ripper.
  • supports loading of Sound/Noise/Protracker/Startrekker/ Audiosculpture songfiles (that stuff with external samples on ST-00..ST-99 disks)
  • supports direct Aminet-CD mod archive browsing



Eagleplayer 2.06 on A1200 (with Vampire V1200)
EP 2.06
screenshots of the oncoming truecolor EMPYGui24
8 bit 24 bit

screenshots of the oncoming EagleAMP GUI. it supports the WinAMP skins. (OS3.0,MC68k)
16 bit 8 bit

screenshots of other user interfaces and engines



available public releases:

Eagleplayer V2.06
Eagleplayer V2.05 (includes keyfile and EMPYGui24)
Eagleplayer V2.03 beta1 see history and release notes

Source codes:
Eagleplayer V2.06 Sources
Eagleplayer V2.05 Sources
Eagleplayer V2.04 Sources


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