YASA - Yet another scheduling analyzer



Welcome to YASA - the amazing scheduling analyzer for real-time operating systems. YASA is a framework to simulate and analyze real time scheduling applications on different platforms. These platforms are called Executives. You can define own tasksets, own schedulers and own synchronization protocols to describe your target environment.

YASA is currently in development process. At present time it contains:

  • Platform independent development framework based on the QT class library of Trolltech
  • 2 full featured Executives (RT-Linux and the simulator)
  • 12 different schedulers (RR=Round Robin, LLF=Least Laxity First, EDF=Earliest Deadline First, ...)
  • 6 synchronization protocols (PCP=Priority Ceiling Protocol, SRP=Stack Resource Policy). Partly, the synchronization protocols are improved to run with different priority types (Deadline, Laxity, static Priority)
  • Comprehensive methods to evaluate the timing results of the last simulation/run. There are timing diagrams in varied views, e.g. task view, mutex view, processor view. Furthermore the are tables with a lot of statistically information like activation count, utilization, missed deadlines
  • Workspace oriented development kit with the possibility to define environments and compare the differences
  • XML style project files

The development framework is available in source code form for all platform supported by QT class library. This contains usually Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and most of the commercial UNIX version like Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.

The whole project is mirrored at: SourceForge.net Logo

Copyright 2003 by Jan Blumenthal, University of Rostock