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Henryk Richter


ATMega, STM and friends

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In the following sub-pages I'll continuously add some projects of mine concerning hardware projects, mainly centered around Microcontrollers.


ATMega Nokia LCD
This project covers the attachment of a Nokia 6110 LCD on an Atmel 328p board and the associated software to show the system health status for a PC it is attached to via serial connection. The provided script is for the Windows Powershell but could easily rewritten for a Linux environment with the lm_sensors package.
LPH8731 ATMega
This project covers the attachment of a LPH83731-3C LCD to an Atmel 328p board. The software includes the driver itself (in C) and a demo application including some cute old-school effects. The display driver includes a fast software SPI (4 cycles/bit) but can use hardware SPI as well.
ILI9631 Atmel
This page covers a fast driver for cheap ST7735/ILI9631 displays in conjunction with ATMega/ATTiny MCUs. Compared to other drivers, this one is focused on fast text and bitmap output. The software is available in plain C and allows easy customization. Both hardware and software SPI are readily available.
19" Fritzbox
In diesem Projekt habe ich eine Fritz!Box 7360 in ein Gehäuse eines alten Cisco 2501 Routers umgebaut. Damit passt das Gerät sauber in meinen 19"-Schrank, besitzt eine bessere Kühlung und erlaubt den Einsatz externer Antennen.
Revitalizing an Amiga 500
PS/2 Amiga Maus
Amiga USB Maus
Eigenbau USB Maus Interface für Amiga Computer