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Henryk Richter

Change log

Change log of GLYUVPlay

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Version 0.97

  • 64 Bit x86 and ARM64 (M1/M2) port (10.9+)
  • disabled Quicktime export function (QT was Carbon and not available in 64 Bit)
  • disabled true Fullscreen feature (for now)
  • known issue: OpenGL double buffering sometimes fails on 120Hz screens

version 0.96

  • implemented Y4M file format support (except 4:1:1)
  • YCbCr4:4:4 8 Bit planar support
  • Y only (4:0:0) 8 Bit support
  • 10 Bit UYVY support in big endian notation
  • option to disable automatic multi-file concatenation in open dialog
  • [Bugfix] fixed missing 4:2:2 planar mode for conversion/SSIM calculation
  • [Bugfix] copy to clipboard fix for Snow Leopard
  • added 1920x1088 to auto-detect list
  • several other bug fixes

version 0.95

  • Snow Leopard compatibility
  • implemented support for YUV 4:0:0 (Luma only), 8 Bit
  • additional file extensions .yuv8, .yuv16 plus ability to change the default list by editing the GLYUVPlay.plist file

version 0.94

  • restored MacOS 10.3 compatibility
  • new display options in fullscreen mode: text labels for file name, dimensions, PSNR, SSIM
  • implemented Recent menu
  • new display zoom options: 1:1 pixel accurate, fit, zoom (direct selection via shortcut keys "1","2","3")
  • Fixed RAW export amplitude scaling when attempting 1:1 copy

version 0.93

  • fixed rare endless loop in open dialog
  • automatic resolution/color depth detection now supports segmented (multiple files) sequences
  • slight performance improvement (Y,Cb,Cr masking entirely skipped when not in use)
  • implemented SSIM (structural similarity), original method and video method
  • added technical documentation about the internal image processing methods
  • bumped the max. filter length in scaling routine to 64 taps (roughly sufficient to properly downscale 1080p into QCIF)

version 0.91

  • fixed hang/crash in Open Dialog on PowerPC machines
  • fixed split view divider refresh issues on MacOS 10.4

version 0.9

  • support for multiple input formats in 8/10 Bit and YCbCr 4:2:0, 4:2:2
  • support for SGI files (8/16 Bit RGB)
  • loading of segmented YUV files (enumerated single files, automatic detection)
  • RAW export in various formats/depths
  • preferences dialog / automatically remembers the settings
  • PSNR display for U, V, PSNR text boxes can be disabled via split view divider
  • fullscreen on primary or secondary monitor
  • Open dialog reworked
  • multiple bug fixes

Version 0.8

  • added ability to double-click YUV files in Finder
  • added file name(s) to title bar
  • added "export" option to convert loaded YUV files to Quicktime, AVI, etc.
  • added "copy" command (Command+C or menu), which exports the currently selected image as TIFF to other applications

Version 0.7

  • complete internal restructuring of sequence handling, positioning and display to pave a way for future features
  • fixed multi-window support
  • added ability to select left/right display slot in file selector
  • Macroblock number display now uses the OSX text system (antialiased)
  • Macroblock number and magnified Macroblock move out of the way whenever the mouse pointer is nearing
  • PSNR is indicated in the frame number slider by a color bar (RED=20 dB and below, YELLOW=25 dB, GREEN=30 dB and better, BLUE=perfect match)
  • in play mode, the number of frames per second is selectable
  • changed scaling of displayed sequences from linear to "nearest neighbor" in order to identify individual pixels better
  • released the source code for this version, license: GPL V2

Version 0.6

  • compiled as universal binary, runs native on Intel processors
  • added image preview to open dialog for instant verification of correct image dimensions
  • indicator for matching frames and average PSNR whether calculations are finished or not

Version 0.5

  • initial public release