YASA - Yet another scheduling analyzer



There are a lot of things to do with the YASA project. We have the following ideas. Maybe someone is able to help in any way.

  • YASA does not have any possibility to handle asynchronous events. In theory, these events will be handled using server tasks. There exist a lot of types, such as Background Server, Sporadic Server, Deferrable Server, Bandwidth Server, Dynamic Priority Exchange Server, and many others.
  • Currently, Yasa has some limitations caused by qt class library v2.3, such as external command line interface.
  • The handling of the GUI is to complicated.
  • A configuration dialog is required to affect the appearances of the timing diagrams.
  • There is an export plugin needed to save timing diagrams into vector based picture format. If there is somebody who knows how to support Windows OLE system he or her is invited to help.

Besides that, there have lot of bugs to fix :-)

Copyright 2003 by Jan Blumenthal, University of Rostock